Cumberbatch Turned into A Real-Life Sherlock by Saving a Cyclist from Attack – Research Snipers

Cumberbatch Turned into A Real-Life Sherlock by Saving a Cyclist from Attack

The famous British actor—Benedict Cumberbatch, who is popularly known for his played fictional character—Sherlock Homes and the comic book superhero Doctor Strange in the Marvel movies, has been called an actual hero for chasing away four attackers as they robbed a cyclist in London.

Cumberbatch—the forty-one-year-old actor jumped out of his taxi and ran to help the poor man—employed with a food delivery firm—Deliveroo, as he was assaulted by the robbers, as was reported by the Sun newspaper.

The Uber driver—Manuel Dias, who was driving Cumberbatch to his desired destination told the newspaper that the cyclist was fortunate, Benedict’s a superhero. He said that Cumberbatch acted bravely, selflessly and courageously. If he had not intervened in, the cyclist could have gotten serious injuries.

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The attempted robbery took place on Marylebone High Street, just around the corner from the Holmes’s fictional home shown in the movie on the Baker Street.

According to the Metropolitan Police statement one of the robbers tried to grab the victim’s cycle, he was given a punch in the face, hit on the head and struck with his helmet.

The statement further mentioned that nothing has been reported as stolen and even the victim did not require any hospital treatment. No arrests have been made.

Cumberbatch is known for playing the fictional detective role in the TV series Sherlock since 2010, he has also starred in movies like the Avengers: Infinity War, The Hobbit and The Imitation Game.

Dias said that the actor ran up to the attackers and pulled them away by yelling at them to leave the guy alone before they ran away.

Cumberbatch told Sun he was not a hero and he did what he had to do at that point of time.

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