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CTP Rawalpindi to Educate Computer Illiterate Driving License Applicants

driving license applicants

For facilitating the computer uneducated driving license applicants, the City Traffic Police (CTP) of Rawalpindi has taken the initiative of training such applicants by giving them computer education. This initiative has been taken on the instructions of Muhammad Bin Ashraf—the Chief Traffic Police Officer (CTO).

The training sessions initiated by the CTP would be giving a 1-hour long free computer class to the applicants on every Friday and Saturday of every week. The applicants would be given classes on the traffic signs theory by the professionals of the CTP, Education Wing.

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As per the spokesperson of the CTP, for making the traffic sign testing more transparent, the Rawalpindi City Traffic Police had launched the computerized traffic sign testing system for Light Traffic Vehicles (LTV) and Heavy Traffic Vehicles (HTV) driving licenses.

He further added that the new traffic light system would improve the efficiency of the department and the CTP and Motor Vehicle Examiner (MVE) also started many computerized tests for road signs for the LTV and HTV driving licenses.

He also said that the new computerized traffic sign testing system has improved the overall performance of the City Traffic Police and has assisted in reducing the misuse of powers to a great length.

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