is the first cryptocurrency app designed for Galaxy Z Fold smartphones

Last year in August it was reported that soon Samsung could introduce its own cryptocurrency exchange platform. It was expected that the tech firm could introduce the cryptocurrency exchange platform by 2023. Aside from this, some fresh pieces of information suggest that the South Korean tech company has collaborated with one of the major cryptocurrency exchange platforms, through this app, the company will provide users with an app that uses large foldable screens on the Galaxy Z Fold series smartphones. declared its recent collaboration with Samsung in a press release. It stated that the app has been optimized for Samsung’s book-style foldable devices. The latest Android version of can effectively utilize the Galaxy Z Fold, Fold 2, Fold 3, and Fold 4 foldable screens. The new version will provide users with more information, enhance user productivity, and multitasking and provide “improved trading and analysis capabilities”. states that the new version of the app is equipped with more tools and resources. They could be accessed immediately on one single screen. Users can easily compare tokens and enjoy a good user experience in contrast to other mobile devices. The latest version of the app can be accessed from Play Store. Simply navigate to Play Store > Profile icon. Go to Manage Apps & Device and click on the Update All button.

In a statement about the launch of their new app, Eric Anziani, President and COO of, said, this partnership with Samsung will enable users to experience our app like never before. Together, Samsung and have optimized the App for the large screen experience. We are taking advantage of the foldable form factor, thus providing a more productive way of using the app for the trading and analysis of cryptocurrencies, the source added.