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CRRC Tangshan Keen to Invest in CPEC

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The China Railway Rolling Corporation (CRRC) Tangshan is willing to invest in CPEC. It wants to do the investment by providing products and services for Pakistan Railways. This was informed by Hu Rui—the Director Overseas Targeted Publicity Corporate Culture Department to the media delegation on Monday.

While giving a briefing to the media delegation of the South East Asian and South Asian nations, Hu Rui said that the CRRC has got immense potential and was focusing on the pack of opportunities for enhancing its operations in the nations receiving Chinese investment under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

She further added that the CRRC has already put forward the bid for the provision of two hundred and thirty modern coaches to Pakistan which would be upgrading the nation’s railway.

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Hu Rui also said that CRRC takes standardized constriction as the basis and adopts the five implementation approaches that include the large quality system, business system optimization, standardized factory, large technical system and information conception.

CRRC Tangshan is China’s very first railway equipment factory that was built in the year 1881 and has founded many number ones in the industry and has left a deep front in the Chinese history of machinery industry.

She further said that the railway vehicle products analysed and produced by the CRRC Tangshan take the significant duty for domestic railway passenger transportation. These products are like the fashion choice of city railway transportation.

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