Crossover Tournament Karachi: Bringing the best out of the Pakistani talent


Do you believe that Pakistanis are all known to violent? If yes, then these 300 young minds of the Crossover tournament could bring a change in the way you take Pakistanis.

Crossover is a global technology company which helps in building relations between the top talent and those looking for the top talent.

The company has seen a positive response from IT nerds from Pakistan. One such example could be seen when the US-based IT company arranged a tournament in Karachi. More than 300 Dot Net and Java programmers applied for the tournament.

The main aim of the Crossover tournament was to build an opportunistic bridge between the programers and employers.

The Crossover tournament is a fun approach to winning huge prizes or getting new opportunities. The tournament held in Karachi this year was an 8-hours game like approach.

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After a multiple staged tournament, some of the young Pakistani programmers made their way to winning a job contract for an annual salary of USD 100,000.

Talking to the participants, CEO Crossover Andy Tryba said:

We’re planning to run more tournaments across Pakistan, based on performance of this tournament, we’re planning to hire over 200 senior software architects in Pakistan and bring an additional $20 million per annum worth of employment to Pakistan’s economy this year

I’m a big believer of Pakistani talent. Earlier this year, Crossover hired eight senior software architects in Lahore. Now it’s Karachi’s turn, I believe we had even better results here. Our journey in Pakistan may continue with Islamabad

The Crossover tournament held in Karachi was a joint effort of US-based IT company and Mishal Pakistan.

Earlier this year, Crossover even organized a similar tournament in Lahore with the help of Punjab Information Technology Board. Lahore helped 8 high performers to join the team and work for an annual salary of USD 100,000.

More than 100 countries have already been working with Crossover and yet more want to join the team. With a platform like this, IT programmers could see a bright future ahead.

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