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Crocodile Eats 8-Year Old Girl Alive


As per the reports of local media, a giant crocodile has eaten an eight-year-old girl alive in front of her parents. The crocodile came out from the side of the Nara Canal in the Saleh Pat Tehsil of Sukkur.

The parents said that their daughter was standing at an end of the Canal where the crocodile attacked her suddenly. The unfortunate scene was also seen by the local residents of the area who were present there at that time.

The locals ran towards the girl to save her life but the efforts remained unsuccessful. The crocodile grabbed the girl in its jaws and swallowed her alive.

The local residents have shared with media that the crocodile was apparently 16 feet in length. When the Sindh Wildlife Department was contacted, the officials said that more than three hundred crocodiles of various species are present in the Nara Canal, a delta channel that is constructed on the left bank of the Indus River in Sindh.

It is pertinent to mention that the reptile attack of this sort is not the first one.

Previously in 2011, an incident was reported in Nabi Bux Mangrio village where the residents caught a crocodile that was found in the populated area.

As per the villagers, the reptile attacked a goat, but, the residents anyhow managed to catch and tie it up with a rope. After some time, the wildlife department team rushed to the village to deal with the crocodile.

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