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Cricket to be Made a Part of 2028 Olympics

The MCC (Marylebone Cricket Club) notified on Monday that cricket could be included in the 2028 Olympics Games which would be held in Los Angeles.

World Cricket Committee meeting took place organized by the MCC, custodian of the cricket laws where the inclusion of cricket in multi-sports events at Lord’s on Sunday and Monday was discussed.

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Last played in 1900, the sports Olympic return has been on the agenda of the ICC but (BCCI) India’s powerful board have this fear that cricket would then lose its autonomy and would become answerable to the Olympic committee of a particular country.

On the other hand, BBC has announced that it has expanded its shortwave radio news coverage for making the impact of communications blackout easier imposed by the Indian government.

The British broadcaster announced this after the New Delhi scrapped an article of the Indian constitution providing special status to the Indian-occupied Kashmir.

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