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CPEC will create 7 lakh new Jobs in Pakistan

Chinese Ambassador Yao Jing claimed that the mega China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project will produce 7 lakh new jobs in Pakistan while already giving employment to 70,000 Pakistanis.

In ‘Breakfast with Jang’ show on ‘CPEC’s role in China’s One Belt and One Road Initiative’ Yao Jing said that CPEC has 43 initiatives which have a value worth $50-$60 billion. In the first five years, the execution of 22 of them is planned which will cost $18 billion

Mr. Yao Ying said, “Eight projects have been successfully executed under the CPEC initiative, while work on 14 was underway.”

He said that CPEC is not just a project between China and Pakistan. It is a project that will benefit the whole region. It is the best and most essential project being worked upon under China’s One and One Road Initiative.

He informed that the CPEC project is supervised by the Sino-Pak Joint Coordination Committee. Under this project, four sectors are being developed with the Gwadar city. Creating an economic, food processing zone, power plant construction, water plant installation and vocational training institute establishment is part of Gwadar City development projects.

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CPEC is fulfilling its promise through infrastructure development, energy production, highways & railway network expansion, and special economic zones development in Pakistan.

He informed, “The CPEC will give Pakistan more than 20 special economic zones.”

The aim of China’s One and One Road Initiative is to bring economic development, prosperity, growth, and development in the area to improve the lives of the people. CPEC is not just a contract between Pakistan and China, it is a mission to bring betterment in people’s lives through mutual cooperation. Till now CPEC has brought economic stability in Pakistan through its projects and opened the door of employment for the people.