CPEC to Assist Pakistan in Attaining Poverty Alleviation Targets


According to a report published by the Global Times, the growth and advancement in the CPEC projects would lift Pakistan’s living conditions and would help in acquiring the poverty alleviation targets. The report was published on Tuesday.

As per the report, both the nations have got extended potential of cooperation in the area of poverty alleviation.

In spite of the fact that Pakistan is facing financial difficulties, the country prime minister—Imran Khan after his latest visit to China informed about his desire of launching a countrywide poverty alleviation campaign soon.

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The poverty alleviation policy would be a good option of recovering the local economy, however, some observers are of the belief that this package might further deteriorate the financial situation of the country.

In the present time, China performed an economic miracle by bringing put eight hundred million people out of poverty. Imran Khan recently said that Pakistan would learn from China’s set example for getting rid of poverty. He further added that it is believed that China is all set to share its expertise and experience with Pakistan for providing the needed help.

China and Pakistan with the poverty alleviation program of the government would be working in unison for improving the infrastructure in Pakistan.

China would not hesitate in providing needed help to the Pakistani people employed at the CPEC-related industries and it would work to improve the skills set of the local employees. All these efforts would assist Pakistan in increasing its labour productivity and in improving the economic competitiveness.

For improving the economy and for alleviating the poverty the path China took, is a model for many developing nations, which includes Pakistan.

The progress of CPEC in a way has become a great source of help for Pakistan to improve the living standards of people, and the poverty alleviation campaign might further be speeding up that process.

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