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China-Pakistan Economic Corridor to create tons of new jobs in Pakistan

CPEC - New Jobs in Pakistan

The Chinse Minister of Commerce, Zhong Shan, said in a press conference that CPEC would provide more new jobs in Pakistan than ever. While talking to the press, the minister said that China-Pakistan Economic Corridor would create new job opportunities not only for Pakistanis but for all those using this trade route.

In the recently held 12th National People’s Conference (NFC), matters like unemployment were also discussed. One Belt One Road (OBOR), which is a trade route for several participating countries would help in boosting the economies of the related countries.

The OBOR, till now, has been successful in generating billions of dollars for China. This route is now in the process to create 180,000 jobs in the region. This would be the largest ever job-creating route for the OBOR countries. Along many, the trade route would also create tons of new jobs in Pakistan and other opportunities for businesses.

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In an upcoming Road and Belt Forum for International Cooperation to be held in May, over 1,200 delegates would take part. Beijing would host the forum. It’s expected that more than 50 leaders from international organizations and over 100 ministerial-level officials would also become part of this forum.

Besides several other factors, CPEC has already started to boost the economy of Pakistan. Many are saying that Pakistan could become the world’s 16th largest economy by 2050.

The Chinese minister also talked about the development strategies following the successful projects under OBOR being appreciated.

“56 economic zones were being built with the investment of 18.5 billion dollars in concerned countries,” said Zhong Shan.

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