CPEC A Good Deal Or A Bad Deal? A Detailed Analysis

We talk about China, Pakistan never ending friendship, the work China is doing in Pakistan, the projects that would change the entire structure of the country, and we get excited, hopeful and confident about our future.

Hold on.

Yes this all looks perfect. The projects that China is starting in Pakistan, be it Coal-fired Power Plants at Port Qasim Karachi, Suki Kinari Hydropower Station KPK, Kohala Hydel Project, AJK,  Gwadar Power Plant, Gwadar New International Airport etc will bring massive development in the country. It will not just be beneficial for China and Pakistan. The neighboring countries Iran, Afghanistan, India would also find this connectivity valuable. The advancement in the transport system, through development of better roads, railways would increase exchange of cultural knowledge. It would encourage diverse cultures find a common ground. Harmony, peace, better trade, communication and development would be achieved.

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Sounds too good to be true? Well it is too good to be true.

Let’s get our facts straight.

  1. Who would pay back the huge debt of China, to be exact $46 billion loan?
  2. Can Pakistan bear the burden of this massive debt?
  3. China is creating many routes that can develop under developed cities but would it? Or is China just interested in a direct connection from Kashgar to Gwadar?
  4. Baluchistan may have the richest mineral resources, but who would benefit from them under the banner of CPEC?
  5. Would projects in Baluchistan, make Balochis a minority in their own native land?
  6. What if this mega project fails? What if the seed don’t grow in to a tree? Where would Pakistan stand then?
  7. To safeguard the investment China is spending in Pakistan, it has sent a naval ship to protect its asset. What exactly is the protection against? Seems more like East India Company back in subcontinent.
  8. Would India-Pakistan relations aggravate due to this project?
  9. Investment contracts in CPEC do not bid against Chinese companies. So would Pakistani contractors just get whatever is left by the Chinese investors?
  10. We assumed CPEC would create employment opportunities for Pakistanis? Really? Majority of workers, good & materials all are Chinese in this project. So is CPEC only creating opportunities for Chinese people?
  11. Where would be the profit for Pakistan as Chinese trucks are excused from paying toll taxes?

CPEC seems like a careless not fully thought about project that Pakistan has landed itself in to. The short term benefits have made us blind towards the long term consequences. So is CPEC a good deal or not, answer for yourself.

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