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CPEC – China urges Pakistan to Engage with India

In light of CPEC, the mega development program between China & Pakistan, China has asked Pakistan to engage with India. The goal is to minimize tensions between the two nations to ensure that a healthy environment can be created for the developmental work. China wants that the different projects under CPEC are completed within the timeframe. The multi billion project between China and Pakistan is a part of the huge Belt Road Initiative (BRI) of China.

China wants that Pakistan keeps economy first. For development and progress China feels that the major issues between India and Pakistan should be set aside.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will have talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping on April 27-28 in Wuhan city. This meeting between the heads of two nations will be held before the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Summit in June.

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On China’s reassurance to the world (America, India) that CPEC is just an economic development project and not has any hidden agendas an editorial in Daily Times said, “We appreciate the Chinese statement but cannot help wonder if the Pakistan Foreign Office and other policy quarters are playing their due role. For it is for Islamabad to keep its people and the world informed and manage the complex regional and international relationships.”

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After America, China is the top global power in the world. The country believes in cooperation for economic stability instead of conflict. But trying to bridge gap between Pakistan & India, will it really work? Will 70 years hostility just die down because of CPEC? What will be the consequences of urging both India & Pakistan to keep economy first?

These are the unanswerable questions that are echoing in the minds of many.