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Cow Cleaning Service; A Unique Business Idea

cow cleaning service

A guy in Karachi has introduced a unique business idea of cow cleaning service.

Eid is near and as this is the Eid for doing sacrifices in the name of Allah Almighty, people are purchasing animals. From camels to sheep, to cows to goats everyone is engaged in the act of purchasing the sacrificial animals.

This second Eid also referred to as the Eid-ul-Azha is known for seasonal butchers who are common people however, during Eid time, they become butchers in order to make some additional money.

One of the residents of the city of lights thought somewhat differently, he has opened an entirely functional cow cleaning service in the provincial capital of Sindh which is planned in such a way for providing full cleaning services to the sacrificial animals just for Rs.100.

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One may consider or even refer to it as some bizarre business idea, however, it seems to be doing well for the citizen as many people are making use of his introduced cleaning services.

Previously the video was posted on the internet and it immediately became viral. People lauded and enjoyed the efforts and cleverness of the citizen who came up with this unique yet amazing idea.

When it comes to business ideas, it is a fact that no one could beat the Pakistanis. There had been many creative and unique business ideas earlier however this one is for surpasses all.

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