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COVID-19 Vaccine to prepare till the Year-End says Sinopharm


The state media reported on Wednesday that a COVID-19 vaccine has been developed by Sinopharm China Pharmaceutical group which will be ready for public use till the end of this year.

The chairman of Sinopharm Liu Jingzhen told the CCTV broadcaster that the company is going to carry out the last stage of the trials within three months.

China National Biotech Group the unit of Sinopharm which is responsible for 2 COVID-19 vaccine projects said back in June that the vaccine may not get ready till 2021 as no new coronavirus cases were being detected in China and it was getting hard to find people on which the trials can be carried out.

But now, China found alternative sites abroad in order to overcome the barriers the country was facing to produce a vaccine to end coronavirus which has so far killed 600,000 people all over the globe.

The vaccine made by Sinopharm has entered the III phase of the trial with 15,000 participants and 2 vaccine strains in the UAE.

Another Chinese firm Sinovac Biotech has also developed a vaccine that has also been supplied to the participants in Brazil for Trial.

One more vaccine candidate has been developed by CanSino Biologics and China’s military research unit which seems to be safe and induce an immune response. This vaccine is also looking for participants outside China for its phase III trial.

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