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COVID-19 Symptoms Include Heart Attack, Stroke, Italian Doctors Say

A number of studies have reported some unusual symptoms of the novel COVID-19 in the last few weeks. Doctors in different countries have found that some of the people admitted to hospitals were likely diagnosed with the virus on suspicion of a heart attack. Others observed that COVID-19 was also positive in patients who tended to show symptomatology leading to neurological disorders. Then it was discovered that a growing number of young people came with symptoms of a stroke to the emergency room and it turned out these vascular events were all caused by virus-related blood clotting. They reasoned that PIC is “primarily focussed within the lungs” and “undoubtedly contributes to the high levels of mortality being seen in patients with COVID-19.”

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It turns out that blood clotting could be much more severe than we thought due to the novel COVID-19, and some doctors in Italy believe the hematological symptoms are what cause pulmonary complications.

Pneumonia may not be COVID-19’s primary pathology, say Italian doctors who have performed autopsies on patients who died from complications with COVID-19. Rather, it’s the blood that has most affected, reports the Italian newspaper Il Giornale.

Around 70 autopsies on COVID-19 patients were conducted by doctors from hospitals in Milano and Bergamo. The two towns are about an hour away from each other and they are both in the northern Lombardy region of Italy, which has been the epicenter of the disease in the country and Europe. The results appear to suggest that blood coagulation is what can cause complications, including pneumonia. 

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The country’s first COVID-19 victims may not have been correctly diagnosed, the Report notes. The disease causes what is termed systemic inflammation of the vascular system. The virus affects blood circulation, and that affects lung function.

What’s important to note is that there is no study to back up any of these findings relayed by Il Giornale. As with other unusual results from COVID-19, more research is needed. However, what is clear is that these findings seem to echo recent reports from other regions around the world on the increased likelihood of blood clotting in patients with COVID-19.

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