COVID-19 Peaked in June, Claims Yasmin Rashid


The coronavirus cases apparently are on the downward slope in the province of Punjab, however, the health minister of the province, Dr, Yasmin Rashid says that the epidemic seemingly peaked in the month of June.

While talking in a show she said that the cases of the COVID-19 are decreasing across Pakistan.

The health minister said that it appears that the peak time of the pandemic has elapsed in June. She added strict lockdown would be imposed in areas that are reporting a higher number of the coronavirus cases under the smart lockdown strategy of the province.

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She said that smart lockdown imposed in the areas that were the most affected of Lahore has brought out positive results, she asked people to keep on taking the preventive measures for keeping the disease at a distance. She also said that the ones who have recovered from the virus would also be needed to abide by the preventive measures.

Dr. Yasmeen Rashid also said that plasma collection facilities have been established in the provincial capital of Punjab and in other cities.

She ruled out the chances of the recovered patients to contract the virus again in the span of the next 6 months.

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