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COVID-19 Lockdown to Relax in Sindh After April 14, Says Saeed Ghani

COVID-19 lockdown

The education minister of Sindh Saeed Ghani has said that the province-wide imposed lockdown would be relaxed after the 14th of this month, as per the reports of local media.

The minister had previously been tested positive for the COVID-19. Later he went into self-isolation for a span of 2 weeks and recovered.

He indicated that the lockdown is the only way to control the spread of the virus. He further added that this method has proved successful across the world.

Businessnes would gradually be reopened again like the way they were closed earlier.

He uttered his disappointment with the local transmission of cases as people are still coming out of their homes and are not respecting the lockdown orders.

He said that it is the responsibility of all the citizens that they take the needed meausres for preventing the spread of the virus any further.

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On Wednesday, almost 1,000 known cases of COVID-19 emerged in Sindh.

Presently, more than two thousand people are being tested for the novel coronavirus on a per day basis, however, the government of Sindh has the intention of increase the tests count to 3,000 soon.

The minister further indicated that he feels that the impact of the virus coudl have been far worse if there had a further delay in the lockdown.

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