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COVID-19 Did Not Prove As Deadly in Pakistan as in Other Nations, Says Asad Umar


Asad Umar, the federal minister for Planning, Development and Special Initiatives on Sunday said that COVID-19 did not prove as deadly in Pakistan as in other nations like the US and the European countries.

While briefing media in Islamabad, he said that the countries across the globe are not eradicating the virus but striving to flatten the curve, which just means they are trying to slow down the spread of the coronavirus.

The minister explained that the nation has been witnessing a daily average of 22 deaths from the deadly pathogen for the past few weeks and if it remains at the same average for a month, it will be multiplying to nearly 720 deaths per month.

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He also said that relatively, 4000 people die in the traffic accidents throughout the nation on a per month basis yet no ban is placed on traffic.

Asad Umar further said that the nation will not be able to tolerate the affect of the steps that are needed to get rid of the disease altogther. He said though the virus is not as fatal in Pakistan in comparison to other nation, the financial and economic impact of the virus has been serios as the FBR witnessed a dip in its revenue by Rs.119 billion in just one month.

He indicated that the government has improved the healthcare system capacity.

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