COVID-19 can Survive on Human Skin for 9 hours – Study


It has been revealed by the Japanese researchers that COVID-19 remains on the human skin for 9 hours. It stressed the need to wash hands continuously in order to fight off the on-going pandemic.

On the other hand, the pathogen that results in flu survives on the human skin for around 1.8 hours. This was revealed in a study published in the Clinical Infectious Diseases journal.

According to the details, the study supports the guidance by World Health Organisation to regularly and thoroughly wash hands in order to control the transmission of the virus.

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The study stated, “The nine-hour survival of SARS-CoV-2 (the virus strain that causes COVID-19) on human skin may increase the risk of contact transmission in comparison with IAV (influenza A virus), thus accelerating the pandemic.”

Adding, “The longer survival of SARS-CoV-2 on the skin increases contact-transmission risk; however, hand hygiene can reduce this risk.”

Within 15 seconds of applying ethanol, both the contagious diseases i.e. COVID-19 and the flu virus are inactivated. Ethanol is used in hand sanitizers.

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