COVID-19 can age the brains of patients by 10 years – Study

It has been reported by researchers that there is a brain-wasting effect of COVID-19. Until recently, it was termed chronic fatigue and “brain fog”.

According to the report, the researchers revealed that it is a growing cause of concern among survivors of “long-COVID” as well as the medical fraternity. This, they believed could possibly lead to “lasting mental damage”. In the worst-case scenarios, this damage triggers “cognitive decline” — equivalent to the brain aging 10 years or losing 8.5 IQ points.

A team from Imperial College London claimed and published their research in Medrexiv pre-print research server on October 21, 2020 (their work has yet to be peer-reviewed). The researchers said they poured through data from medical records of 84,285 people.

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Amongst the long-COVID survivors, the team detected varying degrees of brain damage, depending on disease severity. Case studies unveiled neurological problems in severely-affected survivors. The researchers said that it is unclear how long the effect lasts.

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