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Court to Impose a Lifetime Ban on Sarmad Khoosat’s Film Zindagi Tamasha

Sarmad Khoosat

Recently, a petition has been filed against Sarmad Khoosat’s film Zindagi Tamasha in the court seeking to impose a lifetime ban on the film.

Two days back, the Senate Standing Committee on human rights gave the approval to release the film and after two days this petition to ban the film for life came out. Although, the committee said that the film has been reviewed and there nothing objectionable in the film.

Senator Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar tweeted that the Senate Committee agreed to the censor board’s decision to allow the release of the film.

His tweet further read that the panel did not find anything wrong with the film.

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Khokhar’s tweet clearly said that the Senate Committee has agreed with the censor board to allow the screening of the film. There is nothing objectionable in the film.

After the film got the permission of the release, an organization Anjuman Mehria Nasiriyah filed a plea for the imposition of a ban on the film.

The plea was filed in the session judge’s court in Lahore. A hearing was held on the 16th of July with Judge Waseem Ahmed. Sarmad Khoosat’s lawyer was also present at the hearing and he submitted his power of attorney in the hearing.

As per the petition, the film is targeting religious groups and if this film got approval for the release it will cause chaos in the society.

Therefore, the petition asked the court to ban the film for lifetime.

The court is seeking a reply from the filmmaker till then the hearing has been postponed till the 27th of July.

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