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Court Gives Verdict that an Alive Man is Dead

A Romanian Court has given the verdict that an Alive Man is Dead. A 63-year-old man is ruled out dead by the court, even though the man himself appeared alive and healthy before the court.

Constantin Reliu asked the court in Barlad town to overrule his death certificate which was taken by his wife after he disappeared for a decade to Turkey. In his time in Turkey, he was not in contact with his family. This is the reason they thought he was dead and his death certificate was issued.

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Now the court says that it is too late for him to appear again, thus he has to remain as dead now. So officially an alive man is now dead.

Reliu was bemused as he said “I am officially dead, although I’m alive. I have no income and because I am listed dead, I can’t do anything.”

In 1992 Reliu left Romania and went to Turkey for employment purposes. In 1999 he again came back to Romania and that was the last contact he had with his country, people over there and family. As Reliu left his family with no contact for years, his wife obtained a backdated death certificate for her husband.

Reliu’s wife thought that her husband would have died in an earthquake in Turkey. She heard nothing from him since 1999, so it was natural for her to assume him dead. She sought the death certificate to end the marriage which allowed her to remarry.

Reliu found out about his death when the Turkish authorities found that he had expired documents and so they deported him back to his home country Romania. Reliu thought he will renew his passport in Romania and then go back to Turkey. But as he arrived in Romania he was held by the immigrant officers. They told him that he had died in 2003.

Reliu now wants to go back to Turkey as he has his own small business there but now he is stuck in a legal issue of his own identity and alive or dead status.