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Cough Syrups should not be Given to Children Below Six Years


It is generally believed that cough syrups play an essential role in treating cold. But as per evidence-based medicine cough syrups are useless for children below six years.

As per a child specialist Dr. Anokhi Khanum, “Evidence-based medicine has shown this. Any child below six years should not be given cough syrups of any sort. In the UK, US and Switzerland these are never given.”

On the other hand, cough suppressants can be extremely dangerous and might even stop a child from breathing.

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So as per Dr. Khanum, the most essential thing is prevention. This means that you must ensure that your child’s vaccination is done as well as of the family members in the house.

Those older than 6 months must get their flu vaccine annually before the flue season. Children below 8 years who have not gotten flu shot must get 2 doses the first time 4 weeks apart and then once every year, as per Dr. Khanum.

Secondly, she said that handwashing is essential. It is just not enough to use hand sanitizers as they can spread the germs around the same place. It is important to wash hands with soap for at least 20 seconds.

As per Dr. Anokhi, most respiratory infections in children are caused by viruses in the upper respiratory tract. As their noses are blocked, kids face issues in breathing or they breathe noisily.

Dr. Anokhi said, “Children are predominantly nasal breathers. When they have colds or stuffy noses it’s necessary to regularly clean the nose so they can breathe properly. Put salt water drops in the nose, use an aspirator and extract the snot after five minutes.”

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