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Coronavirus Spreads to Two New Areas of Islamabad

The novel coronavirus has spread to two new areas of Islamabad. 50 cases of COVID-19 have been reported in just last two days in the area.  

One COVID-19 patient each has been reported in G-14 and Mumtaz City. Also as per officials, there are 4 suspected patients of coronavirus in G-14.

12 new cases of coronavirus were reported in I-10. 4 cases were reported in Lohi Bher. Three cases each have been reported in G-8, Rawal Town, and Tarlai. Two more cases have been reported in G-11, G-13, and I-9 each. One case each is reported from Bhara Kahu, E-11, F-10, F-7, F-8, G-10, G-6, G-9, I-11, Kirpa, Koral, Sohan, and Tarnol.

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There are 415 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Islamabad. They have increased from 365 just two days back. During this period the number of suspected cases has also gone up from 1,767 to 1,820.

504 people have quarantined at 11 different facilities. As per the officials, 12 patients have recovered. The total number of people recovered has gone up from 44 to 56.

The active cases in Islamabad are 355. Out of these cases, 21 patients have been admitted to 3 hospitals. 8 of the patients are critical and three of them are placed on ventilators. 24 patients are kept at the quarantine centre and the remaining are isolated at home.

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