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Coronavirus Recovery Rate Increases up to 49.6 percent in Sindh

coronavirus recovery rate

The coronavirus recovery rate has increased up to 49.6 percent owing to the timely measures that have been taken by the provincial government against the virus, as informed by the government of Sindh to the apex court on Monday.

As per a report that was published on the COVID-19 situation the province submitted to the Supreme Court complying with its orders in the suo motu cases associated with the coronavirus crisis. It was indicated by the provincial government that the fatality rate in the province is 1.5 percent.

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It is said that the number of infectees has surged to 59,983 from 32,910 in just the span of two weeks. A total of 329,443 tests were done as of 7th June.

On a daily basis, 11,486 tests are being done in the province and the smart lockdown has been enforced in the various areas that are affected by the virus. There are a total of 11,680 beds available in the isolation centers and 332 beds in the ICUs.

The government of Sindh mentioned that sanitary workers are being given with the personal equipment and their salaries would also be given to them in a week.

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