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Coronavirus Likely to Peak in Pakistan by the End of July


PM Khan said that Pakistan is likely to see the number of coronavirus cases at their peak by the end of July or by early August.

In a televised statement PM Khan said that they think that the peak will come at the end of July or in August. He also said that the lockdowns do not end the virus however helps in making their pace slower.

He added that the entire world has lifted the lockdown as even the rich nations have understood that a nation cannot tolerate a load of lockdown for long.

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He indicated that Pakistan went into lockdown in March after a surge in the number of COVID-19 infections. PM Khan mentioned that the daily wage workers and the poor people faced a tough time during the lockdown.

PM Khan urged all to practice the preventive steps and to abide by the SOPs that have been issued by the government.

He also added that they know that the virus will spread and added that the government is trying its best to make the virus slow down so the hospitals do not get under pressure.

He said that he noticed that people were not taking coronavirus seriously and they were taking it as some kind of flu. He asked all not to put the lives of their families and others in danger.

PM Khan urged all to wear facemasks and said that it has been proven in the world that the masks reduced the spread of the virus by 50 percent.

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