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Coronavirus Kills 50 People in Iran; According To State Media

It has been reported on Monday by the Iran Labour News Agency that the SARS-like coronavirus outbreak from China has taken the lives of the 50 people so far in Iran, according to a Pakistani TV channel.

The last reported death toll on state television of Iran was 12 among 47 cases. The new report from the semi-official media agency claimed that 50 people have lost their lives since February 13 due to the coronavirus.

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Ahmad Amiriabadi Farahani—an official from Iran’s city Qom said that more than 250 people are under quarantine in the city. He further said that an emergency has been declared across Iran and most of the schools in the country remained closed for the second day.

The authorities of Iran had confirmed that the cases of coronavirus have been reported from the five cities of Iran, including the capital city of Tehran.

It is worth mentioning here that a local mayor in Tehran is among those infected with the coronavirus and in quarantine.

On the other hand, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) cancels all flights from Pakistan to Beijing and Tokyo from today onwards, according to the PIA spokesperson, “The commuters are already notified in advance that have plans to travel to these cities.”

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