Coronavirus Cases Rising by 1.8 Times in Pakistan - Economy & People in Threat – Research Snipers COVID Cases Rising by 1.8 Times in Pakistan

Coronavirus Cases Rising by 1.8 Times in Pakistan – Economy & People in Threat

Could Pakistan defeat this coronavirus pandemic sooner than the people of Pakistan think?

As of April 4, 2020, the total coronavirus cases reported in Pakistan are 2,708. A week before i.e. on March 28, 2020, the number was 1,495. And yet the Government of Pakistan claims that we are in better shape.

According to sources, coronavirus is not new and has a history of more than 50 years. In the 1960s the virus was first identified in the upper respiratory tract infections of children. Studies, later on, discovered differential symptoms and damages to the living body.

On November 17, 2019, a 55-year old person from China was reported to have symptoms of coronavirus and became the first victim of COVID-19. And as of today, 1,120,099 cases have been reported worldwide.

By the grace of almighty Allah, Pakistan contributes a very little amount of the above figure. There are only 2,708 total cases reported, 40 lost their lives, and 130 have been recovered (April 4, 2020). This is in decimal number of the total worldwide cases: 1,120,099 reported, 59,257 deaths, 229850 recovered.

But there is nothing to smile at as this figure is almost doubled the amount reported a week ago. On March 28, the total registered cases were only 1,495 and with an increment of 1.8 times (81.13%) the number has risen to 2,708 in one week. This is alarming for a country like Pakistan.

Coronavirus is the Worst Crisis since World War II – U.N Chief

Pakistan was already in an economical crisis. Businesses were not doing as well as it was planned. And this sudden pandemic jerk has pushed the country back with a supposed loss of PKR 1.3tr. Dollar, since May 2019, has seen to devalue the Pakistani rupee by 13.8%. The country was already in an additional debt of $13bn as of 2019 from World Bank, IMF, Asian Development Bank, Paris Club, etc. This figure could rise this year abruptly as of coronavirus.

The government of Pakistan, no doubt, is trying to fight this economic crisis and current situation due to COVID-19, but it still needed to have some disaster plan ahead. The long lockdown situation has already started to backfire. People are losing their jobs and business. The poor have no place to find his/her livelihood. Social distancing seems to take a reverse step in the coming few days as of recent news. And with this, the number of coronavirus cases could rise drastically.

The time is very crucial for countries like Pakistan. The economical crisis was already dragging the country backward and this pandemic situation is worsening the situation. This is a high time where the country and the people of Pakistan need to stand together to help fight the crisis and then grow up together.

Special credit: WORLDOMETER. The daily updates on COVID-19 worldwide are helping us see the real figures.

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