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Coronavirus Cases Count Likely to Surge in May; Says PM

coronavirus cases count

PM Khan has said that he expects the coronavirus cases count will be increased by the mid of the next month. He further said that he expects the severity of the virus to increase during mid-May and that would be the time when the medical facilities across the nation will come under a lot of pressure.

He said that from the 15th of May until the 25th of the month, hospitals will be under pressure as more coronavirus cases are likely to surface by then. PM Khan said all this while he was addressing a meeting with the senior officials of the government at the PM House on Saturday.

He started his address by a congratulating message to the public and said that he wants to announce a piece of good news. He said that by this time they anticipated that the count of the coronavirus cases will reach 50,000, however, the known cases as of Saturday are 7,633 across the country.

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PM Khan said that the cases are expected to increase in the month of May, but that could also be delayed if people take the needed preventive steps.

While talking about the lockdown, he asked the police to not treat people rudely or harshly. And added that a few videos have surfaced on the social media where some policemen are seen beating the public with sticks.

He also said that people are only to stay at home if they understand the significance of the lockdown. PM Khan further said that the journalists, artists, clerics and other famous personalities should play their respective roles for spreading awareness.

He further gave an explanation of the decision of resuming the operations of the construction industry. PM Imran Khan said that the reason is that the government cannot reach to their workers, even via the introduced Ehsaas Emergency Cash Programme. He said being the Prime Minister of Pakistan he is more scared for the people who belong to the lower class of the country than the coronavirus.

Regarding the hoarders and smugglers, he said that the government will form a policy that will ensure that they get strict punishment.

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