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Coronavirus Cases Could Rise by 20% in Pakistan in the upcoming weeks

It is expected that there will be a daily 15-20% rise in the coronavirus cases in the upcoming weeks. This, as per the health authorities would be due to the easing of restrictions. The number of daily tests have increased by about two-fold in the country.

A week after lockdown has eased in the country, the daily cases have gone up. The country reported a record of 2,603 new positive cases from across Pakistan in the last 24 hours. Since the outbreak back in February, this was the worst reported day.

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Maj Gen Dr. Aamer Ikram National Institute of Health (NIH) Director-General said that the number of daily cases might rise by 15 to 20% due to the decision by the government to relax the restrictions.

“The incubation period of the virus is between five and seven days so we have been expecting that the number of daily cases will increase as the interaction between people has increased. However, in the next weeks, we will be in a better position to ascertain the percentage of increase in the number of cases.”

Pakistan reported 51,653 COVID-19 cases, 1,067 virus-related deaths as of Thursday.

When asked, Dr. Aamer Ikram said that if the increase in the infections is moderate as it is expected, the government might be able to cope with it.

“However, a further increase can be problematic and it may compel the government to reconsider its decision regarding the lifting of lockdown.”

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