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Coronavirus Can be Over by June if Countries Act; Chinese Adviser


The global coronavirus pandemic could be over by the month of June if the nations act to combat it, as per a senior Chinese medical advisor. China has declared that the peak of the virus has passed there and the new cases in Hubei have fallen to single digits for the first time.

Nearly two-thirds of the global cases of the coronavirus have been recorded in China’s central Hubei province, where the virus came out first in the month of December. But in recent weeks, the extensive majority of the new cases have been outside China.

The Chinese authorities have given credit to the strict measures that have been taken, which includes placing Hubei under complete lock-down, while barring the big outbreaks in other cities, and say other nations should learn from their efforts.

Mi Feng, a spokesperson for the National Health Commission has said that the broadly speaking the peak of the epidemic has passed from China. The surge in the new cases is reducing.

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Zhong Nanshan, the senior medical adviser of the government told local media that as long as the nation take the outbreak seriously and be ready to take firm steps, it could be over across the world in some months.

He also said that his advice is to call for all the nations to abide by WHO instructions and to intervene on a national scale.

He also said that his estimates of June are based on the scenarios that all the nations take positive steps.

Zhong, later on, Thursday had a teleconference with a group of US medical experts, which includes the experts from Harvard University, as per the reports of state television.

Zhong and his team shared their experiences of testing and containing the virus quickly, with troubles in the treatment and cooperation in clinical research, as per the report.

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