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Coronavirus Affects 9 More People in Hyderabad

In Hyderabad, 9 new cases of coronavirus have been detected within 24 hours which makes up the total tally rise up to 301.

On Wednesday, the data updated by the Provincial Health Department shows that out of all 301 confirmed COVID-19 cases, much of them are locally transmitted.

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 As per the Sindh Health Department officials, all patients diagnosed with coronavirus have been admitted in the isolation wards of COVID-19 set up at different hospitals of Hyderabad in order to provide further treatment to the patients.

Among 301 patients of coronavirus, 130 patients are undergoing treatment in the isolation wards, and some at their homes, 2 patients have lost their lives, while 169 patients have recovered from this deadly disease and are discharged from the isolation wards set up in different hospitals of Hyderabad.

On the other hand, coronavirus has caused a lot of trouble for industries like; construction, petroleum, and manufacturing.

Where some industries are facing issues, there are some industries that are benefiting a lot in the middle of the crises. For instance, Acer the computer manufacturer has noticed an increase in the demand for their notebooks. In short, their sales have been doubled.

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