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Corona Test Is Not Mandatory For Domestic Travel: PIA

PIA representative has clarified that corona test has not been made mandatory in domestic flights.

According to PIA spokesman Abdullah Khan, various countries have issued travel guidelines, but PIA has not yet launched an international operation. Hence, the organization has not yet chalked out its travel guidelines for international commuters.

The spokesman said that once PIA resumes international flight operations, it would be necessary to make the decision as per the demand of foreign countries and their travel advisory.

Abdullah Khan has also clarified that the corona test has been made mandatory for travel by various countries and the final approval of the laboratories is being given by the consulates of these countries.

The UAE had first approved one laboratory and later four laboratories from where the test could be verified, adding that it was up to the passengers to follow the guidelines, he added. PIA spokesman said that the travel requirements had changed since Coronavirus broke out and a number of international precautions had been taken which are being followed by all international operators. He also said that even today you have to be vaccinated against yellow fever to travel to African countries and if you leave Pakistan you have to get a polio vaccination certificate.

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