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Controversy Of Celebrating Two Eids In Pakistan

The irony of celebrating Eid in Pakistan is that it is not celebrated unanimously on one day. As some Muslim brothers and sisters celebrate Eid today in Pakistan, social media is filled with people sincerely wishing them Eid Mubarak while many being sarcastic and cynical about the whole two Eid drama.

We cannot divide the situation of two Eids and call it a “KPK and rest of the country conflict”. It is a conflict of ideologies, and let’s learn about it deeply before thinking about each other as ignorant.

Scholars’ opinions on moon sighting:

  1. If new moon has been sighted by two witnesses anywhere around the world it is compulsory for the whole Muslim Ummah to start fast and similarly when new moon is sighted in any part around the globe it becomes an obligation for the whole Muslim Ummah to break the fast.
  2. Some scholars are of the opinion that due to difference in latitude in various nations, all countries and regions should observe new moon sighting in their region or country.
  3. Another opinion not supported by scholars at large is to start and end fast with Saudi Arabia.
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The interpretation of the command to fast and when to fast could vary but the question is can’t we all agree to disagree? It would be great to see the whole Muslim Ummah celebrating Eid on one day, together. If not the whole Ummah at least a country getting united about it. Till we don’t, lets respect each other’s opinions and remain tolerant.