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Constructions Banned in Islamabad for 2 Months


For preventing the illegal constructions in Islamabad, a ban has been placed on all kinds of construction work in some areas of the federal capital. The ban has been placed under the Section 144. The duration of the ban is two months.

As per the media reports, citizens would not be permitted to start any kind of construction work without seeking the permission from concerned authorities.

Saad Bin Asad—the Assistant Commissioner has imposed the section 144 in the different areas of the federal capital. The included areas are I-11, IJP road and its neighbouring areas. Under the section, the citizens have been banned from doing any kind of construction work. In case of any violation, strict action would be taken against the rule violators.

The mentioned decision has just been taken in order to prevent the construction of encroachments.

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Previously, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) took action against illegal buildings and hotels. This drive majorly affected the underprivileged people in Islamabad. Now, it is evident that the CDA has started taking action against the big buildings that are constructed illegally.

The CDA is running this drive along with the assistance of ICT administration and ICT police. The most recent building that was affected by the drive is McDonald’s.

It is anticipated that this drive would also be launched in Karachi and Lahore soon.

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