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Construction Of Hydropower Project Suki Kinari In KPK

Development in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is massively increasing. A Hydro-power Project called Suki Kinari is being developed in KPK. Its construction is under progress on river Kunhar.

The project falls under CPEC China Pakistan Economic Corridor. It is expected that this project would complete by 2022 and will cost $2 billion. The amount of electricity that would be generated through this project is eight hundred and seventy (870) Megawatts. This would aid in overcoming energy deficit in the province.

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There are three points most notable in this development project.

  1. Growth in KPK from field of technology to improvement in electricity is a healthy sign. KPK is growing as a province. Be it first e-bidding system in KPK, growth in water & sanitation sector, education projects or now controlling electricity deficit in the province, the province is growing and it is benefitting the people.
  2. Electricity deficit is a huge problem in Pakistan. Not having electricity for hours at a time leave people irritated, angry and hopeless especially in summers. At this point a project that can give us hope for the future is something that needs appreciation.
  3. CPEC that is China Pakistan Economic Corridor has opened doors for many development projects. These projects would benefit Pakistan a lot in the future, but at what cost, has to be seen.