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Construction Of Expo Center Peshawar Has Begun

The construction of Expo Center in Peshawar has begun. The federal government of KPK has initiated the work in order to provide ease to traders and facilitate business communities of the area.

It has been reported that the investment in this project would be Rs5 billion. Authorized sources told Radio Pakistan about the cost in this mega project.

Let’s look at the advantage of this project:

  • Enhancement of trade with Afghanistan and the Central Asian States
  • Promotion of business activities
  • Creation of job opportunities in the province
  • Economic boost in the province
  • Promoting progress and development
  • Sharing innovation
  • Fostering cooperation
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Once expo center was established in Lahore it has opened doors for development of Expo center in other cities of Pakistan. The Lahore expo center is a model for future expo centers in the country. It has created advancement in trade activities. Now we can hope for much more from Expo center in Peshawar. Also in Quetta and Faisalabad establishment of expo centers is expected.  Improvement in trade can improve the economy and increase development and prosperity in the country.