Complete Details About Education Institutes Reopening in September

Education Institutes Reopening

Shafqat Mahmood, the federal education minister has announced the new schedule for the education institutes reopening and for the taking of the professional exams after the approval by the National Command and Control Centre (NCOC).

The decision has been taken to open all the educational institutes, which includes the private schools, Madaris and the public schools, colleges, universities across the nation from the 15th of September 2020.

The suggestion of the reopening of the educational institutes and to conduct the professional exams was taken after detailed consultation with the area and provincial minister and secretaries of the concerned departments, and consensus in the inter-provincial education minister’s conference. The guidance was taken from the Health Department about the coronavirus pandemic and the safety measures.

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The government would be reviewing the health indicators in the first and the third week of August and in September before the educational institutes are reopened to make sure that the conditions are suitable for reopening. The educational institutes would be reopened based on the clear and detailed SOPs for the safe education facility reopening.

All the educational institutes would open their administrative and academic offices from the 15th of July onward for starting the preparations for the safe reopening and to ensure the SOPs implementation.

The education minister has further indicated that the universities had been granted the permit to allow their PhD level students or the ones who want to do their research work in their laboratories, for physically attending the institutes before the 15th of September.

The students in far fetched areas would be given permission by the universities to join on-campus classes before September 15, making sure that the hostel occupancy is 30 per cent only. This would be for covering up the education loss they suffered because of connectivity issues in the remote areas. These students would be called after Eid under strict SOPs.

Shafqat Mahmood said that a health check would be mandated for the students and teachers who would be attending the universities before September 15.

The area and provincial government, with the assistance of the district authorities would ensure that the SOPs are implemented strictly for the reopening of the educational facility and for the conduct of examinations.

Any institution that would be found breaking the SOPs would not be permitted to function.

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