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Company Intends to Power Ships with Dead Fish

power ships with dead fish

A new cruise line intends to power ships with dead fish, thus causing a decrease in the negative effect on the environment. It appears that powering up of vehicles from fuel or electricity would soon become an old news.

Hurtigruten—a Norwegian cruise line have devised a way to power their ships by forming a biogas from the leftover parts after fishes are processed by factories for food. The firm believes that by transitioning to this biogas the company could lessen its ships’ negative effects on the environment.

Futurism explained that when the organic matter breaks down without oxygen, it produces a combination of gases that collectively form a biogas. Hurtigruten has got the plans of creating its own biogas from a combo of fish leftovers and other organic waste. The firm would then be liquefying the gas and using the fuel to power its ships.

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By 2021, the company intends to have at least six of its seventeen ships transitioned on a mix of this biogas and a large battery back that would be storing the energy generated by the renewable sources.

Daniel Skjeldam—the CEO of Hurtigruten said that while the rivals are operating on cheap, causing extensive pollution heavy fuel oil, these ships would literally be fuelled by nature. He further said that the biogas is the greenest fuel in shipping and would be a big plus for the environment.

The CEO of Hurtigruten is of the belief that his decision is totally logical for the well being of his firm.

As per the reports of CNN, the one hundred and fifty-year-old company is also taking measures for developing its green credentials and it has also instructed three new hybrid-powered cruise liners and has placed a ban on single-use plastics from all its cruises and intends to become carbon neutral.

Skjeldam added that sustainability would be a significant driver of the new period of shipping and the travel industry. He added that the ultimate objective is to run the ships completely without any emissions.

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