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Companies Switching to a 4-Day Work Week

4-day work week

Companies throughout the world are pondering to switch over to a 4-day work week after a conducted research proposed that reduction in working hours lead to higher productivity and more energetic and encouraged staff.

As per a media report the companies throughout the world that have lessened their number of working days in a week, have got higher productive, less exhausted and more encouraged staff.

An insurance firm in New Zealand—Perpetual Guardian reported a decrease in the stress levels and an increase in the staff management after it switched to a 32-hour week earlier in the current year.

In Japan, the government is motivating the firms to permit off on Monday mornings.

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In the United Kingdom Trade Union Congress (TUC) is running a campaign for switching to a 4-day work week for the entire nation. The opposition leader is in full support of the TUC campaign.

TUC is of the opinion that a shorter week permits workers to share in the wealth produced by new technologies like robotics and machine learning, just like they were successful in winning the right to have the weekend off during the industrial revolution.

Kate Bell—the TUC economic head said that it would be reducing the stress of juggling work and family life and would be working on the improvement of gender equality. Firms that have tried it say that it is better for productivity and the wellbeing of staff.

A recent survey of 3,000 employees in 8 nations which includes the United States, Germany and Britain found that around half of the people thought that they could easily finish their tasks in 5 hours per day if they do not have disturbances, however, many are going beyond 40 hours work week. United States is leading the way, where 49pc of the people said that they work overtime.

Dan Schawbel—the executive director of development firm Future Workplace said that there has been work creep, as people always have technology, they are always working hence they are getting exhausted.

It is important to mention that Future Workplace is the company that conducted the survey.

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