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Companies Resume their Operations in Pakistan

Philip Morris Pakistan and DG Khan Cement Company Limited have started operating again. Both the companies gave this news on Monday.

DG Khan Cement Company Limited informed to the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) that it will be resuming its operations at the plant site of Khofli Sattai situated in District Dera Ghazi Khan.

This decision was taken as the company saw a relaxation which was allowed to the construction industry from the current situation of the lockdown which was imposed by the authorities to control the spread of the pandemic virus.

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An official statement was released by the company for the resumption of its operation at the plant. The statement clarified that the decision came out in the view of relaxation from the lockdown by the authorities.

Another well-known company, Philip Morris Pakistan Limited also announced their resumption through a statement which said that the government has allowed the company to continue the operation in the factory located in Sahiwal.

Due to the lockdown both the companies halted their operations to prevent themselves and their workers from getting affected by the coronavirus.

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