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These Companies are Encouraging Pakistani Entrepreneurs to Rise

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“Lack of opportunities in Pakistan”. You must have heard statements like these before. But have you heard of the rising Pakistani entrepreneurs?

In recent times, the number of novel entrepreneurs is rapidly growing. And most of these are merely fresh graduates. These juveniles with empowering ideas prefer to stand on their own, rather being led by established organizations.

However, ideas alone are not the key to success. There are other factors as well which are required to take the first step.

Such driving support is provided to the young entrepreneurs by organizations who know the key to success. Here, we have found three names who aim to build a stronger Pakistan.

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Plan9 Technology Incubator

Plan9 is run and monitored by the Punjab Information Technology Board. They first started their operations in August 2012. Since their conceptions, they have equipped 150 startups from around the country.

Plan9 visions to transform dreams into ideas. They unite the young Pakistani upcoming entrepreneurs and investors on a single platform. With pitching business ideas, Plan9 help these startup to achieve their goals and build a better Pakistan.

Startups Incubated by Plan9 – this is a network for students seeking the right institute for further education. This app gives users all the relevant information to help them choose the best option. – this is IT Services Company. They offer services like digital marketing and mobile marketing. – as the name sounds, this is an online grocery store. They deliver fresh and healthy food items at your doorstep. However, as of a recent startup, they are delivering in some specific areas of Lahore, Pakistan.

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LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship

Since its inauguration, LCE has been gathering young business persons to share their ideas and give a new start to their career. Their aim, just as Plan9, is to provide a platform for young graduates to serve Pakistan.

Khurram Zafar is the Executive Director of LCE. With his unique services in IT, agriculture, consultancy, and security markets, he’s changing the fortune of all those seeking to become the next Pakistani entrepreneur.

With a strong team led by Khurram Zafar, LCE has proudly managed to introduce some names in the entrepreneurial sector of Pakistan: – is a unique marketplace to buy and sell old books. If you are a buyer, you could search a book with the title. Or if you are a seller, you could enter the details of the book to set the book for sale. – this website will help you opt the best place to eat out, travel, and to do other things. Users write their reviews and share it with the public. In addition to this, contact details and operating hours are also mentioned for user convenience.

Thandi Chingari – is a new style gola walla (ice cart). They team are serving with hygienically flavored ice golas. With a thought to bring back the childhood memories, this young company is currently operating in Lahore.

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JumpStart Pakistan

After the two incubators from Lahore, this company has recently started operating from Rawalpindi.

With an aim to help everyone earn an honest and well living life, JumpStart is inviting talented minds to join them. They believe that one should not rely completely on a job or must not wait for an opportunity to strike the door.

Their mission is to help the Pakistani entrepreneurs to start their venture, help solve problems by selling their services or products and provide opportunities for the unemployed community.

JumpStart’s Recent Incubated Pakistani Entrepreneurs – this is an online learning platform. The courses are limited as of their recent start. But they plan to add more courses. Some of the courses are offered free, while you may have to pay a little for comparatively technical courses. – an online baking store where you can find, order, and share your comments about the local bakers. – is an online pharmacy. Buy and get medicines at your doorstep. With their blogs, they intent to educate their users to live a healthy life.

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These three big companies have helped a lot of young entrepreneurs to set an example and be the change. Yet there is more room in Pakistan for young startups.

These incubators are not only helping the IT professionals or IT-based business to start their venture. They’re welcoming great ideas to change the negative image we have been portraying.

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