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Commissioner of Kalat Banned CNG Kits for Hiace Vans

Hashim Ghilzai—the Commissioner of Kalat has placed a ban on the installation of compressed natural gas (CNG) kits in the twelve-seater Hiace vans in a bid to halt the increasing number of incidents on the highway.

Ghilzai also instructed the owners of the passenger coaches and car services to submit their respective route permits during a road safety session that was held the next day.

The Additional Commissioner—Major (Retd.) Aurangzeb Badini, ADC Khuzdar—Abdul Quddus Achakzai, Additional Deputy Inspector General of Police—Inayat Ullah Bugti and few other officials attended the session.

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The session jointly approved the safety measures and asked for the immediate implementation of them for avoiding deathly kind of road accidents on the Quetta-Karachi Highway.

As per a statement that was released all the transporters are to submit their route permits after which new stickers would be issued for their respective automobiles.

The list of items that are completely banned on the Quetta-Karachi Highway includes speeding, overloading, use of mobile phones and searchlights.

According to the statement, transporters are instructed for not permitting their passengers to sit on the rooftops of passenger coaches and Hiace vans.

The Quetta-Karachi Highway is the most disreputable highway for fatal road accidents. As per a research conducted it was found that five times more people had died owing to the road accidents than in suicide attacks in the province of Baluchistan during the span of last one decade.

The statement further read that the transporters who would be found violating the new orders or in any kind of order violation would be dealt with strictly along with the suspension of their driving licenses.

This is a good precautionary measure taken by the Commissioner of Kalat in an attempt to prevent the ever-rising count of road accidents.

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