Commercialisation of Plots and Buildings Banned in Lahore

commercialisation of residential plots and properties

The Chief Justice of Pakistan—Mian Saqib Nisar has banned the commercialisation of residential plots and properties in Lahore. The ban has been placed on an immediate basis. The CJP ordered the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) to present its policy on the matter.

The chief justice while heading a two-judge bench at the Lahore registry of the Supreme Court said that they are halting all types of commercialisation in the entire provincial metropolis. He added that it is a fraud with the city residents.

The bench was hearing a Suo moto session against the inflated prices of the healthcare service at private hospitals and the violations of the building laws in the making of these facilities.

The chief justice during the course of hearing observed that the widespread commercialisation had destroyed the lives of citizens as well as the city. He regretfully said that “Lahore is no more Lahore”.

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The CJP instructed the General Director LDA—Amina Imran Khan for submitting the authority’s commercialisation policy on the next hearing session and to the record of properties that have been commercialised in the city.

Mian Saqib Nisar observed that the private hospitals had not been abiding by the standards of the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) on the provision of the healthcare services. He indicated that a patient had to pay more than rupees one lac for one-day admission to a private hospital.

He further observed that the canteens of the private hospitals were selling the bottled water on high prices like hotels and restaurants. He informed that the court has got complaints regarding the overpricing in medicines at the pharmacies built inside these healthcare facilities.

He warned all the hospitals’ owners for setting their house in order or otherwise the court would be doing the job.

The bench ordered the LDA to perform an inspection of all the private hospitals and to penalise them for illegal constructions, if compoundable, otherwise instructed to demolish them.

The session was adjourned for a week and notices were issued to the owners of the hospitals who failed to show up.

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