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Comcast Business Landline Outage: Is Comcast service still down?

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Yesterday, Comcast Business Xfinity phone service was hit by massive outage across the United States. The outage hit thousands of companies across the country which largely depend on the landline to conduct the business communication.

The Comcast business landline phone service started experiencing issues around 8:00 am ET yesterday morning and by the afternoon users started complaining about the issue from various parts of the country. The most affected areas included Pacific Northwest, California, Florida and the Tri-state area.

Comcast business official twitter account acknowledged the issue and apologized for the inconvenience it caused to the customers. The company also assured the customers to get the issue resolved as early as possible.


The company made a statement around 3:30 pm ET, saying that the service has been restored for most of the customers. A company spokesperson said, “We are facing a service disruption today with our Comcast Business Voice and VoiceEdge select customers, we apologize, “Our resources are working round the clock to get the issue resolved and the service for most of the customers is restored. Some of the customers are still facing the issue, we apologize to them and assure that the issue would be resolved as soon as possible for the rest of the customers.”

The issue was resolved within hours in Spokane County, but the outage continued in other parts of the region. The Comcast business just 5 hours ago around 8:00 pm yesterday tweeted that “The company resources are working hard to get the service back for the remaining customers”.

Hundreds of the businesses were affected due to this outage and some companies were using alternative methods for making and receiving calls that are critical for businesses.

There was a case in which the outage affected the landline 911 calls as well. There might be few customers that are still facing the issue, but most of the service has been restored so far.