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Collaboration Between Askari Bank And MasterCard

A contract has been signed between Askari Bank and MasterCard. The agreement between both the companies is with the aim to provide an improved customer service. It is specifically for the individuals who hold Askari MasterCard. They will be given more advanced, value added benefit after this collaboration.
The contract took place at local headquarter of MasterCard in Dubai, UAE. The deal was signed by Division President, Middle East and North Africa, MasterCard, Khalid Elgibali, and Group Head Branch Banking, Askari Bank, Rashid Nawaz Tipu.
Part of the deal is that both the companies will spend finance on training and growth with a focus on discussion and exchange of information and knowledge, spreading technical understanding along with portfolio administration and growth of product feature. In the end, all this effort is to reach out to the customers and users of the bank in a better way.

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Looking back in history, Askari Bank was the pioneer of MasterCard’s in Pakistan in the year 1995. It offers many features to it users that are World, Platinum, Gold, Classic, and Corporate cards.