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Cold Wave to Hit Karachi From December 4

Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) forecasted an upcoming cold wave in Karachi that is expected to start from the 4th of December that is Monday.

As per the reports of the MET office, the wind direction would be changing from north to south that would be dropping the temperature several degrees throughout the city.

On Wednesday the minimum temperature recorded in Karachi was 17° Celsius. However, the directional change in the winds would be intensifying the cold weather according to the weather department.

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As per the reports of the weather department, the cold spell would remain for a week. It also added that throughout the month of December the weather would remain moderately cool and progressively would be converting into the season of Winter.

PMD on Sunday mentioned that Sindh’s coastal areas had the possibilities of getting exposed to the potential effects of the powerful cyclone “Ockhi” that struck Sri Lankan and Indian coasts and claimed almost a dozen lives.

According to the MET office, the Ockhi was anticipated to enter the Arabian Sea in the next forty-eight hours from the South-East. The coastal areas of Thatta, Badin, and Karachi were expected to experience the effects of the cyclone.

However, it was expected that the Ockhi—Cyclone would be losing its intensity.

Indian officials informed on Saturday that the supervising authorities including the India’s Coast Guard, National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) and Navy have so far rescued about two-hundred and twenty-three fishermen and evacuated thousands of residents of the cyclone-hit lands in India’s South-eastern Islands.

Anyway, its advised that all the Karachiites may prepare themselves for the cold wave which is to start from tomorrow. As schools have not yet closed for winter holidays that means children would be going to schools, even more, a reason to get prepared. All the necessary precautions should be taken to prevent oneself and children from getting struck by the cold.

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