Cold Spell to Continue in Karachi

cold spell

The Met Office has recorded a minimum temperature of 6.6º Celsius in Karachi. The weather officials have predicted that the cold spell would continue in Karachi until the 16th of this month.

As per the shared details, the mercury dropped to 6.6º Celsius in the wee hours of Tuesday morning under the influence of cold northern winds, and this weather pattern is likely to last till January 16, a met official said.

Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) in a weather report forecasted cold and dry weather in the city with 46 percent humidity. Northerly/Northeasterly winds are blowing in the city at six kilometers per hour speed.

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Maximum temperature in the daytime could go as above as 27º Celsius today, according to the met office.

The cold weather spell in Karachi will likely last for few more days, the PMD said.

Karachi had recorded its coldest night in the last 10 years when the mercury fell to 5.6°Celsius on the new year night between Thursday and Friday.

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