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“Coke Studio Season 11”—Here’s How Twitterati Reacted

Coke studio season 11 has opened with the launch of a very impactful song. While the last season of Coke Studio less impressive however the artists’ line-up this year has provided something to look forward to and Twitter has a variety of reactions to it.

The opening song is a Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s poem—Hum Dekhenge—it’s kind of more a ballad than a song. More than seventy artists were unveiled in the song. The artists belong to the different parts, religions and cultures of Pakistan.

This year Coke Studio features a multitude of artists, two trans women, some underground bands and a Pakistani-American EDM pair—Krewella.

Like always Twitterati has shown their reactions on the artists that are revealed to be a part of Coke Studio season 11. Here are some of the best reactions:

One user commented on the choice of song that was used for opening the season and declared is as the most suitable song choice.

Another user posted asking if anyone is still voting for political parties as she is going to vote for season 11.

There were some reactions on the diverse representation by artists of different regions across the country.

There was one post on Jawad Ahmed and Abrar ul Haq.

Some other tweets were hilarious.

The Hum Dekhenge song for sure is a treat for the people of Pakistan. Undoubtedly the song carries an impact and affects one deeply.

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