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Coffee Wagera Hired its First Transgender Person

Coffee Wagera made a mark of individuality with its unique policies when it announced to recruit transgender people.

Now the coffee shop has finally found its very first transgender barista—Moni Bhatt and made the exciting announcement on social media.

Please join us in welcoming Moni Bhatt, our first transgender member of the team! Moni has had many struggles in life…

Posted by Coffee Wagera on Thursday, May 24, 2018

Mush Panjwani—the Café owner who had previously expressed his wish of having transgender people on board said that the job posting had been out for such a long time and it was tedious to find someone, as not all trans people want to work in a café. He added that in his search he had some phone conversations and most of the people were reluctant for the obvious reasons. He further added that one trans person told him about the bad experiences she faced while working in similar places. Either because of the co-workers or management or even the customers—people just do not understand what a trans person goes through.

Panjwani said that there are so many horrifying stories that many of the trans people were not even willing to give this job a shot. But he persistently kept on with his search.

Coffee Wagera: Now Hiring Transgender

We are proud to see the change we have been working for. Mush at Coffee Wagera, together with actcept has upheld the mission of providing equal job oppurtunities to transgenders. Therefore, he has opened the doors of his coffee shop for transgenders to come and work. Hear what he has to say.#Besupportivenotsorry #actceptVideo: Asfandyar Ahmed Kohati

Posted by Actcept on Saturday, May 5, 2018

He said that he attended an event by the Sub Rang Society at Goethe. The event was focused on solidifying the trans people community. Mush Panjwani asked there that why are the trans people hesitant to work even when they are being provided with opportunities. He said that the answers he got were alarming.

He said that they explained all the issues they face when working and even while travelling. They get harassed by people. There is always this fear of mistreatment.

Relating Moni, the café owner said that she just had her first day a day before and she loved it. Moni is a fast learner. The best part is that other members of the team treat her as a team member.

Coffee Wagera’s recent team member has become an inspiration for other places to take on the same lead. Recently, Red Riding Hood Bakery has also partnered with Actcept and posted their job ad for trans people too.

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